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You could add Home Phone and choose from either our 'Evening and Weekend' or 'Anytime' packages. With these, it's easy, on the Evening and Weekends package you get unlimited calls between 6pm and 6am during the week and all weekend, with the anytime package you get unlimited calls anytime. Clever really.

Home Phone


Save up to £1300 on your business energy bills

My Phone Guy, Home phone line and Broadband Services are available for all and sundry availing a Phone Line Fault with their Telephone Wiring or Broadband Connection mattera. New home phone Sockets and landline Extensions for Sky and other Home line Engineer Services or Broadband Services.

The primary target of liGo Electronics is on a standard and vital level of clients services. Having it in mind we have designed it as easy as possible for you to purchase products applying by getting from us.

Marchandazing since 1999 DST are strongly founded as telecoms experts along with proven clients service and expertise. startedly we set up for sale on the EBAY auction sites, swiftly developing up to twenty thousand plus independent selling ratings.

choose whether inclusive Evening&WeekendCalls or AnytimeCalls and select when you wish to call your kith and kins.

With Telephones Online we wish all of our clients to get the better and most active service we can probably present, this path we satisfy an ongoing level of same business and recommendations.

Also included with HomePhone

Inclusive callsInclusive calls last for 60 minutes. Customers should hang up before 60 minutes and redial to avoid incurring charges.
Inclusive calls are to UK landlines with area codes beginning 01, 02, or 03 and calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.
Inclusive calls at weekends also include calls to landlines in our top 40 international destinations and all UK mobile networks.
Quoted call charges do not apply to calls made via the operator. Evening is 6pm to 6am. Weekend is Friday 6pm to Monday 6am. All charges include VAT.
Call charges shown are pence per minute and are charged on a per minute basis. Call durations are rounded up to the next minute for billing purposes.
A call connection charge of 12p per call will be applied to all chargeable calls excluding those with a fixed fee element or those that are inclusive or free.
to other HomePhone customers Nominate 10 people as your Loved OnesChoose ten numbers as ‘Loved Ones’ and save 10% on all calls to them.
Your ‘Loved Ones’ can be made up of any combination of UK landlines, UK mobile or International landline numbers and one 0845 number.
What’s more, you’ll get a free hour-long call to each of these numbers on their birthday and Christmas Day. and get a 10% discount on all calls to them.
Plus a free 60-minute call on their birthday and Christmas DayDates must be informed to us in advance. Maximum of 10 inclusive birthday calls in any 12 month period.
UK-based call centre with friendly staff for all your queries
Calls to the call centre are free if made from a Home Phone line.
Why not add our Anytime optionFor an additional £4.50 a month you can make inclusive calls to UK landlines and 0845/0870 numbers anytime of the day. No contract tie in for just £4.50 a month.

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