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For most "low interest credit cards", there are two rates. The rate which tends to be the most appealing to potential credit card applicants is the introductory rate offered on purchases and balance transfers. For good to excellent quality applicants, this is typically a 0% APR rate or a a rate in the single digits (e.g. 7.95%). Therefore, you should determine or make a note of what the interest rate being offered is for the introductory period (e.g. 12 months) and what interest rate is being offered after that time - called the regular interest rate.

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Popular UK Credit Card

Virgin Money

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Transfer balances from a high interest rate card to a low APR credit card

Popular Balance Transfer Credit Card

Barclaycard Platinum with Balance Transfer

Cash Back Credit Cards

Earn cash back on purchases made with a cash back credit card

Popular Travel/Airline Credit Card

Amex British Airways

Travel/Airline Credit Cards

Save on travel expenses and earn rewards using an airlines credit card

Popular Cash Back Credit Card

Amex Platinum Cashback

Low Interest Credit Cards

Save on interest rates with a low, fixed rate credit card

Popular Low Interest Credit Card

Lloyds TSB Advance

Poor Credit Credit Cards

Credit cards for customers with a less than perfect credit or who are looking to rebuild their credit

Popular Poor Credit Credit Card

Capital One Visa

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